How to fall back

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!

Okay, sorry for that Toy Store reference. Obviously, the 4th version is a big hit at my house or as my son says “Toy Story 4 with forky in it.” Anywho, here we are again. It’s Friday! You know what happens early on Sunday??? WE FALL BACK! Yup. We run around and change all the clocks in the house to go back an hour so that when we wake up it’s dark and when we get out of work it’s dark and we can only catch daylight for a couple hours. Woohoo! Not. Maybe someday we’ll stop this little shenanigan but, for now, I am going to help you get through it as best as possible.

For the last couple of days, I have been mentally preparing myself by trying to figure out exactly what this means. I’m pretty sure falling back is the most evil of the time changes because when it feels like 7:00am, the clock is going to say 6:00am and my kids are going to feel like they should get up and I am going to look at the clock and it’s going to say 6:00 and I am going to feel like everyone should still be sleeping! I remember when my daughter was born. Fall back lined up pretty close to her 4 month sleep regression. I remember that it was early on the morning of falling back that I drove to Starbucks and said into the speaker “I have never drank coffee. I don’t like the taste, but my baby isn’t sleeping and I am exhausted. Please order me something that tastes good and has caffeine.” And that is when my love for the Cinnamon Dolce Latte happened. From that day on, I had a CDL daily for over a year and still enjoy them regularly.

Back to the time change… Here are the tricks that I have used the past couple years to help falling back seem like less of an annoyance.

1.) I, myself, go to bed early to make sure I get enough rest and can handle whatever craziness my children decide to do in the morning. I am quite sure my son, the early riser, will be up with me very early.

2.) For this time change, I will keep the kids up a little later the night before so that they will naturally want to sleep later and even if they clock says 6:30, it will really feel like 7:30.

3.) I make sure we have fun plans for Sunday. It tends to feel like an extra long day, so I make sure that we are busy or that I can get some alone time so that the day goes faster.

4.) Coffee. Wine. Repeat 🙂

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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