Let it go, let it go…

Just a quick reminder on this Friday. Guilt: Let it go. Don’t do it to yourself. Just don’t go there. Guilt doesn’t help anyone do better, it just makes us feel like garbage when we make human errors. When you know better, do better. If you have hurt someone or done something you aren’t proud of, apologize and make it right. If you are struggling as a parent, get help. Ask a Mom friend how she copes, find a child therapist to support you and your family, read a book. Do something about it. If you were mean to your partner, don’t sit silent in the guilt. Apologize. If you are trying to get healthy and you just ate a whole pizza and 5 cupcakes, acknowledge that those actions don’t support your goal and go do something that does!

ACTION! NOT GUILT! Free yourself. Be kind to yourself.




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