Mother’s Day in Quarantine

It has been awhile since I have wrote and life is certainly a lot different these days. Coronavirus has struck and turned life seemingly upside down. There’s a lot I could say about it but most of it’s already been said somewhere else and we are all a little tired of hearing about it, I would imagine. What I will say is 1.) I have discovered there’s actually a lot to be grateful for during this time AND there’s a lot of hardships, sadness and loss. 2.) I WILL offer some ideas on how to celebrate THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR (just kidding Dads).

Quarantine, shelter in places, safer at home, stay the fuck home or whatever it’s called has been a tough pill to swallow. In Wisconsin, I think we are on week 6 although I haven’t really been keeping track because what’s the point. We will still be STFH on Mother’s Day which is particularly difficult because I like to GTFO on that very special day where my family celebrates how “great” of a Mom I am.

So, how can you GTFO or at least feel like you somewhat got celebrated and a break on your special day? Here are some ideas from a pro at escaping. I will also include ideas that work if you are a single Mom who will be parenting alone on Mother’s Day. If you are a single Mom and somehow swung no kids on Mother’s Day, cheers alllllll day to you!

-PLAN! This is the most important step. Make a list before the big day of how you want it to go. Share it with your family. This is not selfish. This is self care. This is mandatory. Your kids and/or your partner can’t read your mind. Tell them what’s up.

-Sleeping in. This is a no brainer unless you’re like me and wake up at 6:00am every morning. Whenever you wake up, don’t do anything except sit on the couch with YOUR show on and wait for your breakfast and coffee or mimosa to be served. And better yet, tell the family to leave the house to get these things for you (at a drive-thru of course) so that you can be home alone and get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

-Enjoy a peaceful nap. Right around 10:00 after those mimosas have settled in, softly closing your eyes and just taking a leisurely snooze will feel amazing.

-Get outside! Who knows what the weather is going to be but going outside is basically the only thing you can do to be alone so, DO IT! Take a walk, ride your bike, run, skip, sit or buy yourself a pair of roller-skates like I did recently and laugh until you pee your pants.

-Practice a hobby. Do something that you haven’t had time to do recently because you have been doing a bunch of stuff you’d rather not be doing. Garden, take a virtual yoga or dance class, sew, drink, whatever. Just do it! Include your kids if you want or need to. Put on a Cosmic Yoga for your kids while you put a class on for you.

-Find an easy way to spend time with your kids. EASY being the important word here. I am sure that you have been getting tons of not easy time with your kids recently while you are trying to make them do school work or brush their teeth but on Mother’s Day, find an enjoyable way for you to spend time with them. Sitting on the couch and watching a movie is a great one. Taking a nap together if you have a baby or little kids, bake cookies and leave the mess for someone else, give them iPads and sit next to them while you stare at your phone or read a book. Share space and let that be good enough.

-And lastly and maybe one of my favorite pleasures- Skip bedtime. Have your partner put the kids to bed and if that’s not an option, only do what you have to do. When I solo parent (ya know, back when my husband could leave the house and do something fun), we do “family bedtime” which is basically both kids get ready at the same time, we read stories together and then they get tucked in. It cuts the time in half and it’s wonderful.

Now go on, make it a good one and tell me about it!


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