Saving People Copays Everyday

Here’s a real “day in the life” story of a therapist…

I was at a party for a friend’s child and let’s just say my child wasn’t acting as you’d imagine a child of a Child Therapist would (perfect). A friend of a friend made a joking comment about my parenting in that moment (which was to laugh when my child was melting down). Perfect? NO. IMPERFECT? Yes. We then began chatting and I said something to the effect of “If anyone is looking at me to be a model parent, don’t.” We laughed more as she started telling me that she has been thinking about seeing a therapist to figure out how to deal with her kids being normal kids (AKA jerks). I commiserated with her big time because I. GET. IT. BIG TIME.

I gave her insight into why her struggle is also something I struggle with and she thought it was really interesting. At the end of our conversation she said something I love…

“You just saved me a copay.”

You are welcome. I am glad I could help her but here’s the thing. She helped me. I am in this too. I am an IMPERFECT parent too. Knowing that others are struggling helps me. It normalizes what we are all doing. A good parent is one that tries every single day. A good parent is not a perfect parent. No such thing. Stop pretending it is.

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